Why Am I Sharing My Journey???

The word “WHY” always comes up when someone starts a new journey and adventure. The “WHY” can be one thing or many things. I asked myself why did I get into real estate investing many times. Other people have asked me why I got into real estate. It’s funny, yet interesting to me how one word helps define your reason for continuing to do something and push forward through trials and tribulations.

Everyone has a story to tell. We all have different experiences in life and we all handle situations and challenges differently. I am no different from anyone else and I don’t see myself as being more special or more privileged than anyone else.

I’m sharing my journey because it helps me learn from my mistakes and I hope someone else will learn from my mistakes and make better decisions. I enjoy sharing what I know and what I’ve learned with others.

If you have recently started a new journey or set a new goal for yourself, I’d love to hear about it. What is your “WHY” and what do you do when you get stuck or feel like giving up.

Leave me a comment or email.


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