Airbnb Hosting

From September 2018-March 2019, I was an Airbnb Host. I rented out a room in my home that I lived in.

Did I like it? YES and NO

I didn’t like it because I was booked 3 out of 4 weeks every month and it was exhausting. It was exhausting because I failed to create a system that would allow me to take breaks in between guests. Doing laundry almost daily was no fun for me and having guests book who weren’t tech savvy was a struggle for real. I get it! Everyone isn’t up to date on smart locks, thermostats and Google Assistants.

On the positive side, I enjoyed it because I met people from all walks of life including a Doctor, a PGA Golf Director, an Insurance Adjusters and other nice people.

Would I do it again? YES!

If the opportunity should arrive again, I would do things differently. Here is what I would do.

  • I would want to have a small apartment or tiny home for the guests away from my personal domain.
  • I would create a dedicated schedule that worked for me.
  • I would hire a Co-host to assist with check-ins and cleaning.

Being an Airbnb host was just one of the many things, I plan to try on my real estate journey. Some things I’m sure I will be great at and others not so great and that’s okay with me.


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