Investing In Real Estate Without Doing Any Work

Fundrise Portfolio

As I continue on my real estate journey, I’m finding more ways to invest in real estate. One day I found a way to invest in Real Estate where I didn’t have to go property shopping, looking for ways to fund the property, nor did I have to put in work to rehab the property. I came across an ad for a company that required a minimum of $500 to begin and they did all the work. The company is called Fundrise.

Fundrise is a crowd-funding platform for real estate investors. Investors looking to update or build new properties provide documentation to Fundrise and Fundrise raises the money for them from people like me looking to get a better return on their money than they would from a bank. They have different levels of investors (Starter, Core, Advanced, Premium) and you get to choose your investment level. By that, I mean, do you want to be more or less aggressive with the returns you receive. You can also choose to invest as an individual or as a company without being accredited investor.

In addition to investing in the stock market, I chose the alternative. I’ve been investing for almost 2 years with Fundrise and I really like it. Not only do they do all the work, but they send me dividends on a quarterly basis directly to my bank account and provide updates on how the properties are doing.

If you are interested in investing or diversifying your portfolio and looking for a place to start, I recommend Fundrise and if you’re interested in joining click on the link and you and I both will have our advisory fees waived for 90 days.


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