Where Is My Mailbox Money??

I refer to mailbox money as money that I receive in the mail from my tax lien investments. It’s a nice surprise to receive money after investing especially if I’ve kinda forgotten about it.

However, due to everything going on today, I’m wondering what’s going on. This time last year, I had received checks for two of the three tax liens I had purchased and I haven’t received any from the ones I purchased last year.

As I listen to the news, podcasts and read FB posts from other real estate investors, I’m wondering if it’s gotten so bad that people cannot afford to pay their property taxes. Will that mean, that tax lien investors will get opportunities to obtain properties at an even lower price than buying them from the MLS or by doing seller financing deals???

I honestly don’t know!

I buy tax liens for the returns they provide because 10 % is far better than the .01% that a bank savings account gives you.

Plus, bidding is not hard once you set your criteria and stick to it. It just takes a little due diligence.


New E-book Coming Soon

I am a member of many groups on social media and I keep seeing the same questions over and over again.

I decided to write an E-book to help other new real estate investors or anyone interested in investing in real estate.

Real estate is not one size fit all which makes it a wonder opportunity to grow financially.

My real estate journey has been unique and I hope by sharing my experiences, someone else may decide to invest as well.

Be on the lookout for my new book coming Jan. 1, 2022. Click on the link below to follow me and get more updates about the release of the book.


Diversifying My Real Estate Portfolio

Arrived Homes

I am always looking for ways to increase my business revenue even if it’s just a few dollars because at the end of the day, all those small amounts over time add up and contribute to make a greater impact.

Recently, I was looking for another way to reinvest some of my profits back into the business and I came across an ad for a company called Arrived Homes.

Arrived Homes is a company that buys single family homes and sells shares of the homes to the public for a quarterly dividend.

Of course, I had to research the company to see if anyone else had dealt with the company and I wanted to know their feedback and opinion.

To my surprise, I found a YouTuber who had a video reviewing the company and giving her thoughts and actually showing her account and describing in detail how the company works.

After watching her video, I saw another video with very similar content. Now, I don’t know about you, but I feel like if I heard the same thing twice from people who do not appear to run in the same circle, I believe information to be somewhat true.

So, off I went to create an account in late September and I invested in 500 shares of a property that was waiting to be rented. I knew dividends were supposed to be paid out quarterly, but I had no idea that I would be receiving my portion only having invested a few weeks before dividends were to be released. That was a nice surprise.

So how much return did I receive from this $500 investment? I received $2.50 deposited directly into my account. Now, some people might think that’s not good, but when you think about how much interest a bank would pay you for having $500 in a savings account; this is Awesome!

I didn’t do any hard work and yet I’m making a small passive income. To me this is a win-win situation and I will definitely be investing again.