Investing In Real Estate Without Doing Any Work

As I continue on my real estate journey, I’m finding more ways to invest in real estate. One day I found a way to invest in Real Estate where I didn’t have to go property shopping, looking for ways to fund the property, nor did I have to put in work to rehab the property.Continue reading “Investing In Real Estate Without Doing Any Work”

Why I Invest in Tax Liens

My primary goal is to uplift and provide affordable housing for the community I grew up in, but I also want a better return on the dollars I make than the traditional bank will provide in order to meet my goals. So yes, I’ve jumped on the Tax Lien buying band wagon. No, I didContinue reading “Why I Invest in Tax Liens”

My beginning steps into Real Estate Investing

My first real estate experience was being an Airbnb Host. I thought it was a great way to make a little extra cash. After researching and reading about the many regulations and rules by the state of Florida and Palm Beach county on top of managing the Airbnb itself, I gave it a try. AfterContinue reading “My beginning steps into Real Estate Investing”